Tuition fees & cost estimate

  • 1st year tuition fee - 3.000 USD;

Next years annual tuition fee - 5.000 USD

  • Accomodation cost varies in the range of 2-10 USD per day (respectively for student village or outside hostel); Accommodation fee / 14.200 rubles for one year accomodation in case if you choose our University hostel.
  • Annual health insurance - 66 USD (4500 rubles); it is paid upon your arrival to our University during first 10 days. The insurance covers all emergency medical treatment for the whole period of your study.
  • State fee / 800 rubles:
    it is paid remotely (by bank transfer or Western Union system) before getting and sending our invitation document for you to get your Russian visa (as all international students need a student visa to come to Russia issued by a Russian Embassy or Consulate in their home country.



Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering

International Relations Office

Zelenaya Str., 1 - 420043 Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

Tel: +7 (843) 510 4648 /526 9313

Fax: +7 (843) 238 7972


+7 (843) 526-93-13


Прием заявок на обучение по программе двойных дипломов КГАСУ-Университет Восточного Лондона продлен до 5 октября Встреча с начальником отдела по развитию международной деятельности Университета Восточного Лондона господином Джеймсом Курраном по программе двойных дипломов (27 сентября в Актовом зале) Лекции профессоров Университета Восточного Лондона (Великобритания)
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16.06.2021 GRADUATION PROJECT PRESENTATIONS 2021, within the dual degree programme KSUAE-UEL
04.06.2021 Students of our British degree programme took an international online course on the "green" building standards BREEAM AG
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